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Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit Course

The Saber Tactics Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit Course covers eight (8) to sixteen (16) hours training required by the State of California and is approved by the following jurisdictions:

County of San Mateo (8 hours)

County of Santa Clara(16 hours)

County/City of San Francisco (16 hours)

City of Morgan Hill (16 hours)

City of Los Gatos/ Monte Serrano (16 hours)

and more...

The training includes the following topics:

  • Applicable California Penal Codes

  • Proper Storage and Transportation of Firearms

  • Training and Licensing Requirements

  • Effective Firearm Equipment, Holsters and Concealment

  • Use of Force Case Studies

  • Marksmanship and Firearm Handling

  • And more...

Students will be required to successfully complete a basic course of fire. Students should be familiar with their shooting platform. Training will be provided in the basics of drawing and returning from a concealed holster, as well as the fundamentals of marksmanship. Staff will provide guidance and advice on the wearing of their concealed weapons.

NOTE - You must have received notification from your issuing agency to seek training before taking our course!

Students should bring the following to the course:

  • Notepad and pen/ pencil

  • Holster (designed for your specific firearm - no universal nylon, Blackhawk Serpa or other retention holster requiring the trigger finger to release the firearm, or cross draw holsters allowed). No "training rigs," "battle belts," or other holster setups that are not easily concealable

  • Minimum 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm

  • Ear and Eye Protection

  • Closed toe shoes

  • Baseball cap (optional)

  • Class Dates and Locations

    Click on the tab below for your city/ county of residence. Check for available dates to enroll now, or get on the waitlist to be notified for future class registration dates. 

    SAN MATEO (County)

    PRICE - $247 (Does not include range fee)


    You will be granted access to the online portion of the CCW course after sign up. You will go through the online lectures and take the exam. 


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