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saber tactics


Pistol Mounted Red Dot Sight (RDS) Course

Law Enforcement Only - POST Certified

Course Description:

Modern law enforcement must be able to quickly react to lethal threats. Modern sighting systems which move beyond the traditional "Iron Sight" platforms can allow officers to acquire targets faster and more accurately than traditional "Iron Sight" firearms sighting systems. This 24 hour three day course will allow officers to learn how to best utilize these systems in high stress situations where speed and precision can be hugely important.

Designed to provide law enforcement personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain, manipulate and deploy a pistol mounted safely and effectively optic with considerations of AB392, SB 230 and PC 835.

PRICE $800

For class dates and locations, see the list below. To sign up for a class, click on the link.

Students will Require the following materials:

  • Eye & Ear Protection (electronic recommended)

  • Pistol with mounted optic

  • 4 magazines with appropriate carrier

  • Hat (optional)

  • 1000 Rounds of Ammunition

  • Note Taking Material