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saber tactics



Patrol/ Tactical Rifle Course

AUGUST 19-21, 2024

Course Description:

This three (3) day Patrol/ Short Barreled Rifle Course is designed to meet the legislative requirements to carry a carbine/ rifle on duty, as well as a short barreled rifle.

The Saber Tactics Patrol/ Tactical Rifle Course will provide the trainee with basic knowledge of the semi automatic patrol rifle. Students will be exposed to a variety of malfunctions and rifle manipulations to ensure they are able to competently possess a rifle. Additionally, students will need to properly breakdown and fire the rifle under instructor supervision. This course also satisfies the legal requirements to possess a short-barreled rifle. This course will also provide an update on the legislative content of PC 835(a)

This course is for Law Enforcement Only.

PRICE $800

Class Dates - August 19-21, 2024 (3 Days)

Class Time - 8AM to 5PM (24 Hours)

Class Location - SFO Airport Range - 1059 North Access Rd., San Francisco, CA 94128

Students will Require the following materials:

  • Eye & Ear Protection (electronic recommended)

  • Patrol Rifle/ Short Barreled Rifle

  • Duty Pistol and Belt

  • 4 Rifle Magazines and Minimum of 1 Mag Carrier

  • 3 Pistol Magazines

  • Hat (optional)

  • 1000 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition

  • 200 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition

  • Rifle Mounted Red Dot Sight (highly recommended but not required)

  • Note Taking Material